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List  Of  Services


We provide prompt, professional services to help our clients obtain their specific goals. We may suggest services not listed below as part of our overall plan in achieving your goals. Please feel free to inquire about services you are considering but don’t see listed.


  • Appeal of Insurance Claim Denials

  • Assistance with Prior Authorization Requests

  • Case Management

  • Consulting Services for Attorneys & Businesses

  • Cost Containment Reviews

  • Cost Savings Negotiations

  • Insurance Claim Audits

  • Medical Bill Audits

  • On-Site Medical Record Reviews

  • Reinsurance Reviews & Audits

  • Retrospective Reviews

  • TPA Audits

  • Usual, Reasonable & Customary Pricing Reviews

  • Worker’s Compensation Reviews



Durling Consultants can perform either overview audits or line item audits in any of our audit areas. Line Item audits are recommended due to increased accuracy and a greater return for our clients.


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How to reach us:


201 Holly Drive

Oxford, NC 27565

Phone:  919.692.1524

Toll Free: 1-888-375-6090

Fax:  919.692.1586


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