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Charles Inlander - The Peoples Medical Society

“Insurance companies find it easier to pay erroneous claims rather than go to the trouble of auditing the bill and possibly demanding a refund.”


Forbes - April 22, 1996

“If you have to pay some of your hospital bill, check it carefully.  Neither the hospital nor your insurance company will make this job easy . . . . Hospital robbery.”

“In December 1993, Helen Garrett had laparoscopic surgery to remove gallstones.  The operation took only an hour, and she was out of Charleston, S.C.’s Roper Hospital the next day.  She had insurance that covered 80% of hospital costs.  So, she was taken aback when Roper sent her a bill for $7400.”


“Helen Garrett’s husband, Thomas Garrett, a former life insurance sales manager for Mutual of New York, cross-examined the hospital’s billing clerk.  He found out that his wife had asked for a shared room, but was put in a private room - and was billed for it.  He got a copy of her itemized bill and used it to prove that Roper charged her for medications she never took.  She was billed $785 for an intern training video taken during the operation.  ‘We never even got a copy,’ says Tom Garrett acidly.  Roper eventually rescinded $7,200 of the bill.”


“Hospitals are under enormous pressure from insurance companies and health maintenance organizations to cut prices.  So what do they do when they can’t make ends meet?  Soak private patients - if they can get away with it."




Mike Jensen - NBC News - Healthcare Correspondent

“You shouldn’t need to hire a team of outside interpreters to go through your health bills, but obviously you do.  Red tape and overcharges are grinding down Americans for billions of dollars a year in medical bills they should never have to pay.”



Understanding Your Hospital Bill

According to the authors of a book called Understanding Your Hospital Bill, by
Nancy Collins and Jan Sedoris, an independent nurse auditor they contacted did 1144 audits of hospital bills between 1992 and 1994.  She found that 859 of the 1144 had significant overcharges which totaled $891,655.81.  That means that over 75% of the bills she audited had significant overcharges with an average of  $1038.02


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Business Insurance - February 15, 1993

“Medical claims audits cut costs; can lead to discovery of overpayments, improvements.”

“Auditing employee medical claims can be an important weapon in an employer’s arsenal of cost containment techniques.”



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