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How can I tell if my bill is correct?

The average patient can't!  You would need to understand the complex coding system used.  You would have to obtain an itemized copy of the bill and analyze it to uncover any errors.  For most people, medical billing and coding is second only to tax forms in complexity and confusion!

What are the chances of an error occurring?

Very high, as much as a 97% error rate nationwide! That is over 10 billion dollars a year in overcharges to consumers.


Can you review old bills?

We can usually go back two years in our review.  We also look for future savings.

I have an HMO or PPO plan.  Would I benefit from your services?

Most definitely! These types of plans employ rate and provider contracts which can increase the chances of unjust denials and overcharges.  These
plans have as many, if not more, opportunities for errors than traditional 80/20 plans.


Our company uses a TPA (Third Party Administrator).  Don't they review all
bills prior to making payment?

Absolutely not!  TPA's and insurance companies do not have the manpower nor the resources to do a line-by-line review of every bill.  Most bills usually get only a broad overview in order to qualify for payment.  We routinely find errors and obtain refunds on bills that were "reviewed" by TPA's and insurance companies.


We are a self-funded company. What can you do for us?

We can definitely decrease your medical expenditures and enable you to lower your funding premium.  We can work for your company directly or in cooperation with your TPA.

Isn't it about time your hospital or insurance company wrote you a check?

Call or E-mail us now for more information or to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.


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“More than 90% of the roughly 31 million hospital bills processed each year are wrong, with overcharges making up an estimated two-thirds of the errors.”

-Money Magazine October 1995




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